Faced with insecurity, Chilean students occupy troubled university

Universidad del Mar closure spurs student takeover of Santiago campus.

Students from the soon-to-be-closed Universidad del Mar took over the school’s Maipú campus in Santiago Wednesday night to protest what they saw as insufficient government assurances with respect to the closure. At the time of publication, the occupation was still in effect, with rotating groups of about 20 students occupying the school at a time.

The Education Ministry demanded the university, which enrolls 18,000 students, shut down all campuses by December 2014 after an investigation revealed a profiteering scheme among school administrators.

Students now demand that the Education Ministry offer students additional support.

“We are entirely discontent with the efforts the (Education) Ministry has made with the university with respect to the students,” said Verónica Castillo, vice president of the campus’ student federation.

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