Magnetic tongue stud warning

Young people are being warned about the dangers of magnetic tongue studs, after reports of serious medical emergencies.

The head teacher of St Matthew's Roman Catholic High School has sent out an alert to parents and spoken to pupils.

The studs give the wearer the look of a tongue piercing but without a hole.

If accidently swallowed, the magnets - designed to be worn either side of the tongue - can stick together, trapping parts of the intestine between them and leading to perforation of the bowel.

While magnetic facial studs can be bought online, schoolchildren are thought to be fashioning their own tongue versions using magnetic earrings and ball bearings from toy puzzles.

In his letter to parents, head teacher Kevin Hogan said: "We have spoken to all pupils about this matter and warned them of the potentially harmful consequences of swallowing these magnets.

"If your child has accidently swallowed one or more of these balls you should seek medical advice immediately."

Two young children in the East Midlands had been admitted to hospital for surgery to remove magnets that had been swallowed.


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