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First and foremost and with the greatest of affection and delight Merry Christmas to all of you and to the entire world!

So many of you made this request and ever so often that I am covering it for you in the Headline Post.

Your basic question and concern was how you could avoid unwanted attention from the criminal, the mischievous or the just plain nosey? My experience is that you can't totally escape unwanted attention, but the following tips may help you keep some things private.

1. Do not do financial transactions on open internet networks or places where hackers can have easy access to your files unless you absolutely have to.

2. Use passwords to protect your files. Macs automatically ask you for passwords, PCs do not. But it is changing now.

3. Avoid using people's name in emails when slagging the off and do not use phrases like ''cv'' if you are looking for work elsewhere. Put sensitive documents in attachments, or better still do not send them from work.
If you feel you have no choice but to send something sensitive from work, use dashes, spaces and oblique references in your message.

4. This really should be obvious but do not use your work computer to surf or send jokey emails.

5. If you are really concerned about email privacy, try a system like Hushmail, which will encrypt any message you send to users of the same system.
For anonymous web surfing go to anonymizer which offers encryption packages.

6. Keep a private mobile phone that is separate from your work one, so that you are not subject to the pressure of being tracked while on your own time.

7. If you do not want your information passed on to the data brokers, do not tick the box that says you are happy for the information to be shared.

8. Do not give out personal details in response to unsolicited email requests. Banks for instance will never ask you to provide passwords and the like in this way..

9. Use cash where possible and let several people use any loyalty cards you may have. So patterns of use cannot be spotted

10.Protect your computer with the latest anti-virus technology.

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Good Night & God Bless!


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