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The-No Navy even the US's Navy could never do it alone much less bring Africa's ,meager coast-guard-like navies up to snuff. It was an ungovernable space.So the wise heads quickly came to the conclusion that they would need to create a network of assets -both public and private- to manage that space. This model must incorporate all the features of air-traffic control.

Taking cues from the global consortium, work began on stitching us together a network of shore-based sensors ringing the Mediterranean. And so began the initial monitoring by having the US Navy tap into the existing IMO Automated Identification System, transforming NATO's ability to track ship traffic in the Med.

This credit for the system goes to Admiral Ulrich, ''When I got to the eastern Med, in the past, we could track sixty ships. We were relying on the old fashioned Navy model of using sensors on ships to track what's in the ocean. We networked it through Link-11, which was built in the 60s -very crude. And we linked it together, and I could tell you where those sixty contacts were, but they were twenty minutes to 72 hours late. So then I networked all the AIS receivers and local radars around the rim of eastern Med. Now I have 1538 contacts, and they are only one to five minutes late, and for each I can tell you its last port of call, its next port of call, its course of speed, and where it is within fifty feet on the earth's surface''.

Instead of hundreds of millions , Ulrich's network cost $150,000. The shore based receivers are small, roughly the size of radar dish you might find on a pleasure craft.
Most can be attached to tall buildings or Cell Phone Towers along the coast. The strength of the systems obviously a function of its reach: the more countries that join, the larger the shared operational picture.

For now over seven ''server farms'' collect the data and redistribute it. Most of the countries of the world have joined up to make the seas and oceans safer.
When you talk security, you talk collaboration and networking. This is the future. This is the thousand ship Navy, except there are no ships.

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