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Many by many will find a fitting poetry in the way how Sam Daily Times came to be such a glittering success!
Many by many who did not want the Samurai to succeed, must now grapple with the futility of their mortal fury! The Samurai advises them to ''be angry at the sun.'' That worked for us. They all ought to fathom the difference between listening and understanding.

The only solace and honour the Samurai can and must take -and I am feeding off it right now, is that their great sacrifices, and legacy will endure. All great Omen point at the stars!.
The mortal world is in awe of it. Students made and nourished Sam Daily Times, and Students will now turn it into a household name - a universal adjective of a thinking-Student of style.

These are very very nervous times for every student. It matters not whether he is at School, College or the University. And even worse times for the students swimming in the job market.
Nothing is for Real! Everything is True Lies!

Like any other profession, you have to have a survival plans in place as the deck on the good ship ''Carefree'' begins to tilt, and the water laps around your ankles and the lifeboats get carefully looked at.

Wayward Inflationary spirals are sucking up on everything and the cost of education and survival will leave no space to grovel upon.So the question arises as to how much dignity can we afford to sacrifice?

It's easy to dismiss it all as a so much rhetorical froth but take a look around. The answer is obvious in every way. Social division is a prime thinking of the world. Television pundits and newspapers just never tire as they speak instinctively about divisions based on every variable. Think right and through on this.
The experts with the latest opinion polls, talk incessantly about politics and every happening as if demography was all that mattered
There is no -this world or that world- . There is just one world! If you get to think this way it will impress me.

Divisions are everywhere: on the road, subway, in offices, in schools, in colleges, in advertising, in the press.Take a cab from point A to point B over a reasonable distance in any part of the world, and hear the cab driver, so acutely, fill you in on racial, religious and economic division applied to strips.
The hope and promise of greater Unity must govern your thoughts and actions.

Those students who have a historical perspective on things always affect and impress me.In your spare time read History. History is a good guide but is not and never truly, reliable. It all depends who writes it. Every history is prone to glorification, exaggeration and invention: the distinction between history and myth is often blurred. Revolutionaries get called founding fathers. The talk of self-esteem and re-stating of historical grievances is self-defeating.
The distinction between victimhood and bigotry is just too fine, and history was often mythologised.

Let me give you a parallel relevant example as how greatness from great and devouted humans work.
Many years ago, Harlem in USA was a utter mess. Harlem was poor, arson-plagued, and a gang ridden slum.
But now its a pure wonder. If one single person responsible for the transformation of Harlem is to be named, everybody must and should name the Bronx-born Geoffery Canada. He launched the ''Harlem Children Zone'' and has founded a number of schools independent of the city's lumbering, interfering education department.
Unsurprisingly, that department now wants to co-opt Canada successes; his achievement for creating good, free schools has proved a challenge to their authority.

Students from the developing countries must stop and consider the fact that ''Education in their respective countries'' has turned into a ''glasshouse'' of survival.
Every mass media voracious tool does nothing more than magnify every mistake, and where every group -racial, ethnic, religious just prod their own agendas.
You all, the students -the future leaders, must see the problems for what they are: poverty and prevalence, health, its costs and inaccessibility; education and its absence; government and its lack of accountability; and leaders, and why they never do enough!

The absence of Great Students and their participation in the community is one true and great explanation for all this ''hopelessness''.
Your turn to clap!

This post continues and I plead with you all to have you share it forward with everybody.

Good Night & God Bless!


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