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Surprising and even shocking as it may seem, but items of clothing and accessories such as trousers, bras, sunglasses and wallets have, over the last few years, been identified as the cause of wide variety of mysterious symptoms.

Dr Grant Gwynup, a neurologist from Arizona was very puzzled by several female patients who, at the beginning of the summer, reported a creeping sensation of numbness and tingling down the cheeks and between the eyes which gradually spread to and involve the nose and upper part of the mouth.

Quite fortuitously, he noted that they all wore large sunglasses which he surmised might be pressing on the trigeminal nerve, which runs down either side of the face. He suggested they buy a smaller glasses and sure enough, their symptoms subsided. He named this condition ''Sunglasses Syndrome''.

Similarly, Mr Alan Kalus, an Australian Plastic Surgeon, has identified the ''Bra Strap Headache Syndrome''. Many women complain of a chronic pain at the back of the neck which can radiate over the top of the head in a similar way to a tension headache. Mr Kalus wondered whether a tight bra may be responsible by irritating the spinal muscle and sending them into spasm. He suggested his patients use a larger size and sure enough, the headaches disappeared.

Later, and some what more recently, Dr Octavio Bessa of Stamford, has described ''Tight Pants Syndrome'', which in English terminology is probably best described as ''Tight Trousers Syndrome''. Dr Bessa was puzzled by a group of patients who had vague symptoms of abdominal discomfort, belched a lot and got heartburn when bending over. Examination and investigation proved negative and, they generally seemed to be in good health, Dr Bessa suspected that the problem was more psychological than physical.

Then he made the striking observation that all patients very tight trousers. When he suggested they might buy a larger size, the symptoms disappeared.
''Tight Pants Syndrome'', he wrote in the archive Internal Medicine, ''is a self induced medical problem which interferes with the undirectional motion of intestinal peristalsis -is the forward propulsion of the gut contents.''

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