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The highest recorded death toll from lightning strike was in the Italian town of Brescia in 1789, when a single flash ignited the city arsenal, killing 3000 people.Nowadays, in Britain, 5 people a year on the average die from lightening and a further 20 are seriously injured. But no matter how small the risk, death by lightening is obviously best avoided.

Tornado and Storm Research Organisation provides the following advice. If out in the open during a thunderstorm, curl yourself into a ball and keep your feet together. There are two reasons for this: The first is that lightening strikes the highest object in the vicinity, and a direct hot can be really bad news. Lightening can cause severe burning and lacerations to the brain; it can also ignite the gas in the gut, causing multiple bowel perforation, and stop the heartbeat, although in the latter case prompt resuscitation may be successful.

The second reason is that when lightening strikes the ground, it creates large voltage gradients on the ground surface as it propagates outwards. This can produce a fatal surge of current in the body.
If at all possible, get wet. Wet clothes are better conductors of electricity than dry. They conduct the current around the body: you may receive superficial burns around the body but your vital internal organs will be protected.

Do not shelter under a tree. Trees have a high electrical resistance and so, if lightning strikes, it will 'side flash' to a better conductor such as a sheltering human.
Keep away from metal objects: metal can conduct lightening that has struck some distance away.
During the Royal Ascot Races in 1955 it ripped along railings, knocking those leaning on them several feet in the air, injuring 47 and killing two.

Do not telephone your mother for reassurance as lightening has a habit of striking telephone wires, passing into the house and out of the earpiece, hurling the caller across the room and burning the ear.
And be warned, if you feel your hair standing on end, this means positive electric current is rising from the ground to meet the negative charge of the thunderstorm and lightning strike is imminent in the vicinity. Move away quickly as quickly as you can. Hahaha!

So follow all this advice but bear in mind that sometimes lightening seems determined to get its victim. Hahaha!
Royal Sullivan, former Peak Ranger in Virginia, has been struck seven times causing, ''inter alia'' a lost toenai, burnt eyebrows, burnt hair (twice) and a singed left shoulder. Still he was luckier than a farmer in New York State in 1985 who was injured by lightning while driving his tractor. An hour later the ambulance in which he was being transported to hospital was also struck. It crashed and the farmer was killed.

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