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We all suffer from this state at one time or the other. Societies and Nations suffer from it, one time or the other. Even the whole Planet can suffer from it one time or the other. What the hell then is this state? And how grave and dangerous can be its consequences and implications? Let's see what !WOW! has unleashed!

Denial is a well-recognised mechanism that we employ to manage traumatic events the conscious mind cannot deal with. Many psychological models of the grieving process emphasis the role of denial as a coping mechanism. But in an age when people are no longer right or wrong, but behave ''appropriately'' or ''inappropriately'' , denial provides an easily dispensed accusation or blanket accuse.

According to Robert J Kearney, a psychologist who was in private practice in Illinois and author of ''Within The Will Of Denial'' , Denial can interact with any process, with any disease process, from chronic heart disease, to child abuse and, when it does, it contributes to the disability and delays recovery.
Kearney's proposition is simple: before you can tackle the disease, you first have to raise the wall of denial that stands between the individual and him or herself.

Denial, Kearney explains is more than mere self-ignorance. You can't deny something like that, at some level at least, you are not aware of. Kearney's wall of denial is made up of four layers: denial of facts.(No, I haven't been smoking), denial of implications (One cigarette can't make me smoker), denial of change (I am a smoker so what?) and denial of feelings(It doesn't bother me.'')

Each of these different layers of denial operates at a different level of awareness:conscious, preconscious(what can be brought to mind with little effort, recent memories,phone numbers and so on) and unconscious.Denial of facts occur at a conscious level -turning one's mind from a subject like flicking over a TV channel. Denial of feelings can work at the preconscious and unconscious levels, causing emotional pain and confusion -not knowing why one is upset at the seeming meanless event, for example
Kearney argues that denial risks becoming rigid and maladaptive. The real worry, some say, is when denial is taken intrinsically negative.

So, don't miss the next post in which we argue, why denial could be blessing in disguise??!! Hahaha!

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