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Almighty God, is the whole world game now?!! Ha ha ha!

''WIRELESS POWER'' is the ability to recharge an electronic device without plugging it in   -is one of those nerd truths. It's not just a good idea , it's a historic inevitability, and it has been ever since the historic days Nikola Tesla spent experimenting with man-made lightning in Colordo Springs. It's just taken about a hundred years to iron out the details is all. Finally, only now wireless power is becoming a reality.

Some years ago MIT researchers revealed a new wireless power system, called WiTricity, which transmits enough electricity between coils spaced six and a half feet apart to power a sixty watt bulb.
And a company called Powercast announced means of charging cell phone batteries with harmless radio waves from up to three feet away.
Phillips has partnered with Powercast and planned to sell a Christmas Tree with ornaments that light up when they are hung.
Still, do carry your charger around for a few years,
I now return to the main content.

Here's the main problem in counter-terrorism today: So many people and vehicles and so much data and material move through globalization's myriad networks that it seems virtually impossible to track it all effectively.
And nowhere has this problem more acute than the high seas, which is how most commerce moves around this dirty globe.

Worldwide the aircraft are transparent,because they are all required to carry an ''identification friend or foe'' beacon that allows them to be tracked leaving and entering airports by aircraft-traffic-control systems and monitored between airports by sensors distributed across a global network. Trip the wire that defines ''suspicious activity'' and somebody's fighter aircraft will be on your tail.NATO alone launches two or three fighters a week to identify aircraft.

No such pervasive system exists globally for maritime traffic. If a ship any bigger than a freighter is flagged by a nation belonging to the International Maritime Organisation, it carries an ID beacon similar to aircraft. But without a shared monitoring network, that's like tracking only selected commercial jets part of the time and giving everyone else a pass.
So wise heads got together and posed a simple question: ''If we can do that in the air, why can't we do that on the sea?''
And don't forget that Africa's littoral waters are the most ungovernable maritime space in the world. Smuggling, drug running, human trafficking, illegal immigration, illegal fishing, environmental degradation, oil theft, piracy, abduction, kidnapping  -you name it, it's all there in abundance.

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