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Be Somewhere Else: ''GAME !WOW​!

Amid the hype and hustle of Education, Computers, Internet and Wireless Technologies, we have steadily started to hone our vision. The story of how we found our voice is unusual and we hope to cover that in the Sam Museum of History.

At !WOW! we are determined to let anything and everything strike a chord with us. We will use any landscape that takes our fancy and definitely one that benefits the students of the world. Be it social, political, even physical. And we hope to leverage that as a doorway to bigger and bigger themes, such as utopias and failed utopias. !WOW's! ability to zap into the Zeitgeist doesn't sop there and would ripple through its intriguingly varied body of work!! Hahaha!

And much of this done with your original and futuristic thoughts and needs and always moving organically between abstraction, figuration and function to solve real world problems.    
So, on !WOW! you will often see us talk about our inspirations, methods and technology behind our future visions to enable you sustain a vigorous career trajectory.
What time weakens Nature can strengthen: iLife vesrus Real Life.

And remember !WOW! is a thinking student's world. We all have to think very long and hard about our history, potential and all that is possible. We must set out to achieve the !WOW! effect. All the students I met, I encouraged them to practice and practice learning ''visualization''. None made it through.

!WOW! is a painting! It is going to be figurative, cool, drawn an articulated from an International memory and intellectual strength. We are going to extract content from everywhere. From the Media, Film, Television and on and on.

You have to understand that there is a particular analytic and psychological frisson to the tight cropping of our objectives. To understand and learn and use visualization you have to understand how images of your life are connected with your memory. There is no image that is also not memory.
It may take you months to conceptualize before you can map it.

But, but, for great successes, the figments of someone else's memory, at once alien and relentlessly visible, full of cool novelty and rare authority, could just delight you. With whole student world  -of the world students coming together at !WOW! you may find anxiety at its most voluptuous, and your life chance at its most refined!

With respectful dedication to Professor Dr Henry A Kissinger.

Good Night & GOd Bless!

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