'Stunning' start for Windows 8: Microsoft chief

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said the Windows 8 operating system was off to a stunning start with four million upgrades downloaded since its release on Oct 26. In just the last three days, we have sold four million Windows 8 upgrades, also said, tens of millions of businesses have also switched to the latest version of Windows.
Analysts have depicted Windows 8 as a bold bet for Microsoft since it dramatically changed the long-familiar user interface to adapt to touch-screen mobile devices increasingly popular in modern lifestyles. Microsoft kicked off sales of its revamped Windows 8 system and Surface tablet Friday as it ramped up efforts to compete in a market shifting rapidly from PCs to mobile devices.
Microsoft set out to win over iPhone and Android gadget devotees with Windows 8 smartphones, new devices that emphasize individualism and unify digital lives in the Internet cloud. The global rollout of Windows 8 phones, set to begin in Europe this weekend, is the final piece in a Microsoft operating system transformation aimed at harmonizing the technology titan’s software and hardware for mobile lifestyles. The operating system has a user interfaced based on tiles that can be personalized with people’s pictures, applications, games, music and more.
Microsoft corporate vice president Joe Belfiore said that Microsoft was out to re-invent a smartphone experience that has for years basically consisted of a locked screen that opens to rows of icons. Belfiore also said, we decided not use that tired old metaphor and came up with our own way that puts people at the center of the experience.
The BUILD conference was also intended to inspire developers to make fun, hip, or functional apps for devices powered by Windows 8 software. Microsoft’s online shop is stocked with more than 120,000 applications tailored for Windows 8 phones and the number is growing.
Analysts said Microsoft is trying to walk a fine line by keeping hundreds of millions of Windows users worldwide while accelerating efforts to compete in the mobile world dominated by Apple and Google.
Microsoft planned a massive advertising campaign for Windows 8.


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