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           OF  EXPLORATION"                                          

Think what you may but there is a stroke of genius in !WOW!  -The World Student Society Of Computers-Internet-Wireless!

The same genius that Marcel Proust praises in Balzac's Comedie Humaine and from which he draws inspiration for his own human comedy. A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu -In Search Of Lost Time-  it's essentially about the continual return of characters and the way that their reappearance weaves the fabric and ties the knot of the plot.

There is a narrative tradition to which all great students subscribe. So, we all hope and wish that this will, at least from this angel, explain the longevity and enduring popularity of !WOW!  Most of us may not be around, but Sam Museum of History will record this concern and the delight of future  - many many generations.

And then there is ultimately a message in !WOW!  -a purely metaphysical questioning that the Philosopher in me cannot ignore: is the universe finite or ''infinite''?
Is there just one or are there many worlds?
Where does the possible end and the impossible begin?
Is reality real?
Is this the only reality?  And what about Man?
Is Man the last word in History?

And on MARS unmanned craft, ''Curiosity''  has begun its search for the chemical building blocks of Life on Mars.So this raises one very great question:

If we can do these very very complex things so well, why do make such hash of challenges back home on Earth? 

We now know for sure that Mars was wet for at most a billion of its 4.5 billion years, and as the early Earth proved, that could be enough time to cook up life!

We must have new Frontiers Clarity! ''I would be thrilled if we could land on Mars by 2030s, and I truly believe that it is within the capability of this country,'' says John Grunsfeld,'' head of NASA's science directorate and five times Astronaut. Remarkable, indeed!

That's the way science progresses: incrementally, patiently and then spectacularly. Some of the grandest moments of your life will come, if you work hard and repose Trust in this fact!

All of us in the real world  -the poor, cannibalised social body, devoured and blown to bits by by the insane Traders of Wall Street and the city of London, by the irresponsible hedge funders and their greed and diabolical intelligence -are we any longer in a state to tolerate this kind of delicious delirium?

Meanwhile 248 million Kilometers away on Mars, we may have much to learn. I hope we all feel the sense of pressure to do something profound on !WOW! -The World Student Society of Computers-Internet-Wireless.

Good Night & God Bless!

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