World's largest falafel smashes record in Jordan

Jordanian cooks prepare their record-breaking falafel

A team of Jordan chefs served up a treat at the weekend after creating the world's largest falafel.

Containing 80kg of chickpeas, 5kg of onions and 2kg fresh parsley and coriander, the record breaking falafel was deep fried in 350 litres of vegetable oil.

The giant dish was created by a team of ten chefs at the Landmark Hotel in Amman, Jordan, where Guinness officials confirmed the new world record.

World record official Annabel Lawady paid tribute to the record after announcing the results, saying:  This is a great achievement and a difficult record to beat for years to come.

 We welcome everyone who successfully took part in the family of Guinness World Record holders. 

The falafel was deep fried in 350 litres of vegetable oil (Picture: EPA)

It took 25 minutes to fry the gigantic version of the popular Middle Eastern snack, which was later served up to 600 hungry hotel guests.

 The falafel is a traditional Arabic food and so naturally this record should be held here,  hotel manager Aysar Batayneh added in a statement.

 As a local hotel proud of its Jordanian roots, the Landmark Amman wanted to mark this special time of year by doing something truly extraordinary and bringing the falafel record to Jordan. 

A previous record for the world s largest falafel ball was broken at a food festival in California in May 2011. 


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