Tanzania: High court declares teachers strike illegal

Saidi Meck Sadiki, the Dar es Salaam regional
commissioner,informed a news conference that 3,715
 primary school teachers and 4,332 secondary school
 teachers did not report for work.
THE High Court's Labour Division declared the ongoing teachers' strike illegal and ordered them to call it off.

"I hold that the strike which has been going on for three days is unlawful. I order that it should be terminated immediately and all teachers who are on strike to resume their duties forthwith," Judge Sophia Wambura ruled.

The judge ordered the respondents (Tanzania Teachers' Union) to pay damages monetarily and, or by compensating the students for the classes missed during the unlawful strike which should be explained in the press release.

Saidi Meck Sadiki, Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam) regional commissioner, informed a news conference that 3,715 primary school teachers and 4,332 secondary school teachers did not report for work.

African nations are suffering severe shortage of educational funds and budgets. On Thursday Swaziland fired more than 100 teachers for the protests.


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