Left on a Swiss train: Stradivarius violin returned to owner

Every musician is afraid of loosing their precious instrument. Now, imagine loosing a Stradivarius violin worth millions. An absent-minded man who left his friend's instrument on the train in Switzerland has seen it returned.

The Stradivarius violin, which is almost three hundred years old, turned up in the lost-property office at Bern station.

The owner had lent it to his friend, who is also a musician, so he could play it at a birthday party.

However, when the friend got off a train at Bern station, the absent minded musician forgot the instrument.
Surveillance cameras spotted a passenger walking off with the violin at a different station.

However after an appeal for its return, the Stradivarius was located at the lost property office at Bern railway station.

Around 600 violins created by the Italian master, Antonio Stradivari, are still in existence.

In 2008, a American violinist left his $4-million Stradivarius in the back of a New York cab. The driver returned the instrument to its owner.


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