Headline August 8th, 2012

''The Stone Age Didn't Because We Ran Out Of Stones! 
Or Did It?!''

Professor McDonough has soaring reflections and a delightful parable: this land has been continuously farmed for 5,000 years. And how do you farm the same piece of dirt for 5,000 years if you don't understand nutrient flow?

In ancient China, it was impolite to leave someone's house after a meal without leaving a deposit, because you were taking their nutrients. It's a very tight equation: waste equals food. 

And now here this unique recall: in Japan, and when I was a little kid lying on a futon, I remember listening to the oxcarts arriving from the farmlands, coming to collect our sewage ---which my mother happily called the 'honey wagons coming to collect our night soil. 

And being little children, you can imagine how excited we were about these stories about poop. We thought this was just the greatest thing, this idea that our waste could go into the farmlands, because composted, become food, and come back on the carts in the morning -- in the form of tofu and vegetables and things like that. 

So incontinuation McDonough narrates two amazing insights: in Westport, Connecticut, I suddenly experienced a cultural shock. All of sudden I saw American kids leaving the water running in the showers after gym. And I remember being aghast. 

That was for me my late introduction to this world that we've come to have in the United States now --where it's estimated that if everybody used as many resources as the average American we would require SIX PLANETS !! Oh, dear dear, me! 

What truly changed his life, when he went to Jordan to work on late King Hussein's Jordan River valley redevelopment project. He recalls: because I had the chance to live in a Bedouin tent. When I first got there, I looked at this tent made of goat hair and said, 'they are going to make me live in a black tent in the 120 degrees heat with no shade, no air movement? ' 

But once I was in the tent, I was in deep shade, protected from the ultraviolet light. The surface of the Tent would heatup, and you'd get convective currents, so all of a sudden there was a breeze. The coarse weave so open that the light came streaming in, so it was filled with beautiful light to read by inside. 

When it rained the hair swelledup and it got tight as a drum. And you made all this from a Goat that followed you around and ate everything you can't.' Absolutely amazing! And the Learned Professor at his best! Thank you, Sir, for all your Work! 

 And also. May God be praised for all things wise and wonderful, and all things great and small! So, I and All of us thank Great Google! Lovingly named ''GG'' . We hope and plan - to very soon display the 'access magic' of all stats. The word 'Doodle Art' will stand out with its reach. 

Google is a wise company! Thank you! And and, for all heroes studying Tech, please study and figure The art of Marketing! In the School of hard knocks, 'No great idea gets beyond misery and zero', if you don't figure and reconcile correctly, your Product Mix, Product Offerings! 

Forward Integration is some fun, some Nightmare! 
Great and experienced Managers fail face down! Beleive me! 

Good night & God bless!

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