Headline August 6th, 2012 / The Collective Burden Of Guilt!

The Collective Burden Of Guilt! 
Some Shame!

The fact is that The Industrial Revolution is of 150 years ago. It was not designed and the world by and large was in a miserable state! And this revolution evolved over decades as Captains of Industry and their technologists learned how to overpower Nature and forge great machines to make standardized items of consumption.

'If you look at the first industrial revolution as a retroactive design assignment, it would be to design a system that puts billions of pounds of toxic waste into the air and water, deplete our soils and washes toxins into the ocean or into the air, produces endocrine disrupters to affect our hormonal systems, creates and distributes carcinogens, causes climate change, and dumps plastics in the Oceans. 

''If this was the design assignment, we're doing Great!'' And, and if this was not the design assignment, then what is or was?. And so instead of seeing what goes on today as inevitable, what we have to recognize that it is not possible any longer to say that it's not part of our plan, because it's part of our de fact plan. It's the thing that's happening because we have no other design. ''We need a new Industrial Revolution.'' 

And if these basic truths that I have stated above from McDonough, are accepted with an open mind, then the three principles of Cradle-to-Cradle, are really very simple, even if they do require a radical change in the way the world operates: 

1. Waste equals food.  So the point is to eliminate the concept of waste. 
2. Use current Solar income. So rely on natural energy flows - also geothermal and wind- Instead of unnatural energy flows. 
3. Celebrate diversity. Therefore, it is important to see as many manifestations within the protocol as possible to celebrate human culture -natural culture. 

We do want 400 kinds of French Cheese, but we don't want 400 kinds of French Plastic. So within Technology, we need and want coherency, within Biology we want Diversity! 'One of the things that is holding back the environmental movement and its proponents,' says McDonough, 'is the collective burden of guilt about the ills of our Society. 

They say they want durable products that last a long long time. Like a 25 year Car. So I'll tell you why that's not good. That car will still be made with toxins in the adhesives, compound epoxies. O.K. it amortizes its damage over a longer period of time, but it's still a car that is damaging. 

You also lose jobs, because people don't buy enough cars. You are using outdated Technology on the roads for a longer time!'' This amazing post continues in the service of Mankind! Share and pass it on! And by the way, all those who learnt from this brilliant work include among others, Google, G.E. BP. Nike, Gap, CISCO, many many Chinese Municipalities and All of You!

And before adieu, I address the Great Students and Heroes of Philippines! We at our end have compressed time, and are visualizing the honour of ''Handing Over The Torch and Sam Daily Times to you!'' Please compose your Team, get ready to get started! Lead the way!

Good night & God bless!

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