Headline August, 4th, 2012 / ''Honouring Mother Earth!''

''Honouring Mother Earth!'' 

One great way of judging anything, -be it a Human, a Society, a Corporation, a Nation, is to figure and determine 'How it honours Mother Earth that gives and sustains life!'' This wisdom must ignite every student's, every human being's life long crusade.

For only and only then, all the things we make must not only rise from the ground but return to it: soil to soil, water to water, so that everything that is received from the Earth can be freely given back without causing harm to any living system. 

This by any definition is called Ecology. This is great design. This is by many parts and understanding, how, even nature operates.

On feb 7, 1993, the Architect William McDonough, one of the World's greatest authority, and a prophet of sustainability and clean-technnology movements, which set in motion many of the green design practices that are commonplace today, delivered a centennial sermon from the high altar of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in New York City. 

The sermon, which laid the foundation for a lifelong crusade to do nothing less than right the wrongs of the Industrial Revolution. While I quoted parts from his speech, in the opening sweep, to that I add his beautiful philosophical insights. 

'' If we understand that design leads to the manifestation of human intention , and if what we make with our hands is to be sacred and honour the Earth, we can sustain life!'' Over the past few decades, McDonough has done little but speak of this. 

His sermon nowadys, is accompanied by slick Power-Point slides, has become command-performance material for C.E:O's and world leaders. McDonough has given it twice at the White House as well as at such power confabs as the World Economic Forum, held annually in Davos, Switzerland, and the Technology, Entertainment, Design conferences, held annually in Monterey, California. 

His evangelist's flock comprises politicians, high-techies and Fat Cats who makes notes and lap up the fine points ofhis remarkable theory of ecological design --what he calls ''Cradle to Cradle'' a repudiation of the Industrial Revolution's linear, cradle-to-grave system of manufacture, consumption, anad junk-heaping. Cradle-to-Cradle, in McDonough's words, ''does not just reduce waste, it eliminates the conept of waste,'' stipulating that products be manufactured in new ways that will allow them to be reduced to their essential technical or biological elements in order to be re-used. 

Nature's cycles provide the model, Organic substances go back to the soil. To feed the Earth's ''biological metabolism,'' to be infinitely, effectively re-used. And he sums it up brilliantly: ''Waste equals Food!'' 

And as I thank !WOW! For this brilliant undertaking, may I request you all to share this Post forward with the whole world. It is urgent and vital!! 

One Prof wrote me a great note: ''Very rarely in life does something this great come with so much intelligence...!'' He ofcourse meant Samdailytimes and all of you! Keep the flags flying high and above! 

Good night & God bless!

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