Armed police storm Miley Cyrus's house

Armed police stormed pop star Miley Cyrus's house in the US, after receiving an emergency call about a possible kidnapping and shooting.
Los Angeles police and rescue crews surrounded the fomer Hannah Montana star's house in Hollywood on Wednesday, while helicopters circled the property.
But they soon discovered there was no one in the building.
Police say the incident may have been part of a trend of prank calls, which has been dubbed "swatting".
Swatting is when an anonymous call is made to get a team of police to storm a building or an innocent person's home.
Police told ABC News that such incidents were on the rise - even though false calls to emergency services are a crime in California.
An investigation is underway into the incident at Cyrus's home.
Police said they were tracking the caller. If found, the person will be prosecuted, and could face up to a year in jail.
Cyrus, the 19-year old actress and singer, is the daughter of American country star, Billy Ray Cyrus - who had a worldwide hit with Achy Breaky Heart in 1992.
She gained worldwide fame when she was cast as Miley Stewart, the lead role in Disney's Hannah Montana.
In 2010, Cyrus was ranked number thirteen on Forbes' Celebrity 100.


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