'Young and less young have to stand', says French FM

Y’En a Marre is a phrase that’s been used by French-speaking protestors
across West and North Africa, and in France: “Enough is enough”, it says. 
Laurent Fabius, France's new foreign minister, praised young people who protested former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade's bid for a third mandate earlier this year during his first tour of sub-Saharan Africa Friday.

"What you are doing can be held up as an example because the young and less young have to stand together," he told leaders of "Y'en a Marre" (Enough Is Enough) at the movement's headquarters in a Dakar suburb late Friday.

Laurent Fabius, France's Foreign Minister
Fabius, who arrived in the Senegalese capital on Wednesday as part of an African tour, told AFP he had sought to meet with members of "Y'en a Marre" because "Senegal is not just official Senegal. One of the things to avoid at all costs is to be shut up in government buildings with officials."

"You must always listen to the people. I get the impression that here is the beating heart of Senegal, and I want to hear Senegal's heart beat," he told the youth leaders.

The movement's coordinator Fadel Barro earlier said they want to retain a strong democracy.


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