Turkey distribute milk to 7.2 million students, to increase milk consumption in the country

While Turkey ranks 15th in global milk production, the country is not a nation of milk drinkers with consumption at 25 liters per capita vs. the EU’s 75 liters and US’ 95 liters

Of the world’s 703 million-ton supply of milk products, Turkey produces 11.6 million tons, according to the World Milk Situation (DSD).

“We need to make a greater effort to increase milk consumption in Turkey. To that end, the project to distribute milk to 7.2 million Turkish students has been a big help, both to milk producers and the general public. I believe this project should definitely continue next year,” Ali Koyuncu, the head of the Turkish Milk Producers Union, said, speaking in a telephone interview with the Hürriyet Daily News.


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