The Birthday Protest

St. Aloysius College

BANGALORE, INDIA: More than 1,000 students protested and boycotted classes in St Aloysius College to get justice after a birthday party of fellow students was destroyed by some violent goons, on Monday

They claimed that the behaviour was inhuman and youths, including girls, were thrashed in the name of culture.

At St Aloysius College, Sheetal, a journalism student, said students should continue their protest till the victims get justice.

Another student said a section of the media is portraying a birthday party as a rave party. "The government sponsored party which happened in Malpe is a rave party," criticized a student.

Dhanush (name changed), a BA student from Kasargod, said: "Ever since this incident happened, my parents have started calling me numerous times a day, as they feel Mangalore is unsafe for students. But I will not run away from Mangalore."


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