Student protests look to possible Quebec election

Students have organized large rallies on the 22nd of every month since March. Here, protesters
 carry a placard with a picture of Premier Jean Charest during the June 22 march. (Canadian Press)
Hundreds of students are protesting tuition increases this afternoon in cities across Quebec.

Student leaders called for pan-provincial protests on Sunday to mark the monthly anniversary of the anti-tuition hike movement.

Leaders say the student grassroots movement is alive and vibrant, despite shrinking crowds at recent protests.

Tuition hikes are still the main concern for Quebec's federations of college and university students, leaders told reporters Sunday afternoon.

Quebec's CLASSE group, considered more militant, said the movement is evolving to include wider social concerns over neo-liberal economic policies.

All three groups say students will be ready if Quebec finds itself in an election campaign later this summer.

The voter turnout rate among Quebec's 18-25 crowd was below 50 per cent in the 2008 election.

Student leaders say they can rally young people to exercise their frustration with the government at the ballot box.  

-  CBC News 


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