Spacecraft 3D, An Augmented Reality App For iPad And iPhone

NASA has released the Spacecraft 3D app for you iPhone and iPad that gives an augmented reality involving you in two of space agency’s missions including Curiosity, and twin GRAIL.
The app enables its users to print-off certain 3D imagery and then it by using the either of two iDevices’ camera overlays the information on the screen with graphics and animations added. When iPad or iPhone’s camera is pointed at the 3D image taken on the paper it becomes alive in front of you. Spacecraft 3D also lets you to take capture your real time pictures.
NASA has a plan stored to add three more spacecrafts into the app in near future; Cassini, Voyagers, and Dawn.
Meanwhile, download and enjoy the look and feel of Mars and Moon with this augmented reality app that uses the 3D environment models originally created for NASA’s web application.


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