Protests erupt near one of the world’s most polluted sites

People in town of Haina (Dominican Republic) began protests in demand that Environment Ministry halt the recycling of batteries. Dozens of children and the aged have been affected by lead poisoning. They now suffer respiratory ailments and some with permanent damage to their immune system, as a result of the recycling of batteries.

They especially cited the company Metalosa, which they affirm has caused the most damage in the area, operating for over 20 years in the slum Ciudad de Dios (City of God).

According to the Blacksmith Institute, the lead recycling turned the place into one of the world’s 10 most polluted sites, close behind Chernobyl.

They said the company Metalosa, associated with Meteoro batteries, dumped its lead waste on site.

The inhabitants of Barsequillo, Los Bajos de Haina, Piedra Blanca, and other sectors picketed outside the offices of Metalosa, chanting and carrying banners and candles, to call the attention of the Environment authorities.


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