Programmers sought for tropical hackathon

Wanted: 12 programmers to live on a remote tropical island for two months to do nothing but write code.

Applicants are being sought for the coding jamboree that will take place on an as yet un-named island.

Those applying will have to submit a proposal explaining what they will work on during the hackathon.

They will also have to complete a psychological evaluation to show they can live in harmony with other coders for the duration of the event.

"I lived with a few people in Alaska working on a project and that was an amazing experience," said Walter Heck, organiser of the Come Hack With US hackathon. "Why can we not recreate that experience in a tropical and remote location so we can really focus on our projects?"

Those attending would have all cooking and cleaning taken care of so they can concentrate on the code, he told the BBC. Mr Heck is currently looking for sponsors to help shoulder the cost of supporting the cost of feeding the coders during the hackathon.

Mr Heck, who is currently based in the Kuala Lumpur, said there were lots of islands in the Philippines that were potential candidates for the coding get together. Although remote, the islands had good power supplies and were connected to the mainland via microwave links.  (BBC.co.uk)


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