Needles found in in-flight sandwiches

One passenger was injured on Sunday when DELTA Air Lines' sandwiches somehow got needles in it.

The airline said that what appear to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches served aboard four flights from Amsterdam. The sandwiches were made in the Amsterdam kitchen of catering company Gate Gourmet, and were to be served to business class passengers on Delta flights.

One passenger on a flight to Minneapolis was injured, but the passenger declined to get medical attention, according to Delta spokeswoman Kristin Baur. The other needles were on two flights to Atlanta and one to Seattle.

Ms Baur said flight attendants stopped serving the sandwiches as soon as the needle was discovered. Messages went out to other flights en route from Amsterdam, where the sandwiches had been prepared by a catering company.

The FBI's Atlanta office has opened a criminal investigation into the matter, the agency said in a written statement. An FBI spokesman in Atlanta did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

After the needles were found, passengers were served pizza instead.


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