Microsoft reveals new Office features for Windows Phone 8

The new version of Microsoft Office will be fully tailored to the Windows Phone 8 platform, allowing users to go between their computer and mobile seamlessly, according to a company blog post.

Revealing more detail about how the new suite will work on Microsoft’s latest mobile device, John Jendrezak, Partner Group Program Manager at the technology giant wrote that the ‘resume reading features’ in Office 2013, which let you carry on reading where you left off with settings intact will extend to the mobile device as well.
On Monday, Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, revealed apreview of Office 2013, which integrates comprehensively with the web, can edit PDFs and is built to use Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system for tablets and PCs.
Not due to launch until next year, Ballmer claimed the software was “a new generation that brings some of the same boldness and beauty that we’ve shown you in Windows 8 and Windows Phone”.
He added: “This is the most ambitious release of Microsoft Office that we’ve ever done”, and emphasised that it was aimed as much at students, busy families and consumers as it was aimed at businesses.”
Microsoft Office, used by more than a billion people and running on around 90 per cent of business PCs, is the single largest component of Microsoft’s revenue, bringing in more than $15 billion per year for the company.
Jendrezak also disclosed on the Microsoft blog that it will be optimising its Office Web Apps for mobile use. It is creating ‘touch-friendly’ user interface controls and a new user interface for Office 2013 in the Windows Phone 8 - which will have a ‘recent section’ that allows users access to their latest cloud synced documents which could have been edited on a different device.
The new look Office on mobile will go live in Windows Phone 8 by the end of 2012.
Ballmer explained that the range of Office’s applications, including Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint have all been updated to improve how they use the touch interfaces increasingly required by users who have phones and tablets. More than half of all users now have three devices or more, and 60 per cent say they use the same devices in their work and personal lives, Microsoft claims. Although note-taking programme OneNote has been comprehensively redesigned to include touch support, the bulk of the applications have been polished to improve their overall functionality so they work better on both tablets and PCs.


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