London to become no-filming zone during Olympics

Hollywood studios and global filmmakers have become undesirable guests in central London this month as they have been warned off any kind of shooting in the British capital during the Olympics.

“We've been telling the studio heads for a month now that central London will be out during the 15 days the Olympics is on,” British Film Commission chief executive Adrian Wootton told the Hollywood Reporter.
As thousands of tourists and dozens of media crews from all over the world come to the British capital during the Olympics, shooting movies becomes challenging. Wooton stressed that filmmakers weren’t directly banned from shooting in the central areas, but received a warning based on common sense.

“Just don't expect to come to Westminster [district] and shoot an action sequence on location,” he said.
Major UK studio facilities including Pinewood, Shepperton and Warner Bros' Leavesden continue shooting in the ordinary course. "I'm pleased to say there's not a single film company that has changed plans to shoot in the UK," Wooton said.

Meanwhile London’s 3 Mills studios, situated two miles from the Olympic site, had been booked for the rehearsals of the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.   (rt.com)


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