Life-sized brachiosaurus

TOKYO —It seems you can buy just about anything on the internet these days, and here’s another bit of proof to put on the pile. What’s the one thing you could add to your home and garden that would make you stand out among your neighbors?
You got it; an 18-meter-tall, 3-ton brachiosaurus statue.
Every dinosaur statue enthusiast in a 5-mile radius is sure to go wild over your latest edition. This replica of one of the largest known dinosaurs is expertly crafted to fit neatly in a 25.5-sq-meter footprint on your lawn.
Dream Figure company who also make statues of several other smaller dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rexes, velociraptors and Mike Tyson, it’s made to order meaning you’ll have to wait about a month for this bundle of joy to arrive on your doorstep. It’s currently being sold over Yahoo! Japan’s shopping page for the slim price of 7.2 million yen.


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