Hero student honored as "model policeman"

20 year-old police academy student Li Boya was honored as “the National Hero Model of the Police System” yesterday, a week after he rescued a man who tried to commit suicide at a train station in Hebei.

While rescuing the man, train struck Li, whose legs were severely injured in the accident. Doctors from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have tried to treat Li’s injuries at the No.2 Hospital in Qinhuangdao. Although Li lost one leg and suffered a series of severe injuries to his face, arms and eyes, the recovery of Li’s other leg has been going well, and the doctors say he may be able to walk on his good leg in 4 to 6 months.
After Li‘s story touched many people, the minister of Police Bureau Meng Jianzhu praised Li’s act of bravery, and called for China’s 100,000 police trainees and two million police officers to “Learn from Li”.
The headmaster of Li Boya’s school said yesterday that the school would support him in every way. The school will cut his tuition and other fees in the future, and if Li wants to become a real policeman after graduation, they promise to recruit him as well.
Still in the ICU, Li said he is very grateful to those who have helped him recover from the accident. She said Li is thrilled to learn Li still has the opportunity to become a real policeman in the future: “My dream [for Li] is coming true,” she said.
Li’s family has received donations from various societies and, many people come to hospital to see the young man and to show their concern and respect. Donations for the cadet have thus far topped 400,000 yuan (US$67,764).   (CCTV)


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