Headline July 30th, 2012 / "The Merciless World Of Economic Laws!"

"The Merciless World Of Economic Laws!"

Judo and wrestling was a rage when Putin was growing up in the mid-60s. This art and skill places a premium on quick moves, calm demeanor, and the ability to keep from showing emotion or uttering a sound, no matter how intense the struggle or pain.

Putin, a laconic inscrutable introvert to the world and a wry charmer to his intimates, mastered the lessons of sombo well. On one wall of the sports club, Putin's sad teenage face stares out from an old lineup of the club's ''Master of Sports,'' the Russian equivalent of all-stars. Clearly, Putin, then as now, was not only calculating but also a risktaker. 

Although barely five feet seven and 135 pound, he was Leningrad's judo champion in 1976, and he would take on teammates twice his size. His will to win was superstrong. But the quality that coach Rakhlin most remembers Putin for, was total loyalty.

And loyalty is what catapulted him through the ranks of K.G.B to deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg, to a series of increasingly powerful posts in the corrupt Kremlin of Boris Yeltsin. Gleb Pavlosky, a Kremlin political consultant reveals a rare happening of the time. Yeltsin's 'Family' and inner circle intent on managing the succession and maintaining its tainted power, since 96, secretly pollled to find out what kind of person the Russian people considered heroic. 

Suddenly, right under their noses, they realized that in Putin they had a Stirlitz, the dashing fictional K.G.B. officer who is the hero of a popular old film. They immediatly launched a campaign, to turn Vladmir Putin into another Stirlitz. 

They created an ideology free political party called Unity, and came in second to the Communists with 24% of the parliamentary electoral vote. Ofcourse, in Russia power should be in a way mysterious and magical. Putin answered that need perfectly. But all this while Russia began to gyrate, as Economic forces began to come to the fore as a reality nightmare. 

While the world at large began to look for smoke and explosion, Russia began a simmer towards an implosion. The Russian populace, humiliated by the loss of the first Chechen war in 96 and their loss of status as a superpower, and weary of the ubiquitious corruption in the government and the sinking of their Economy, yearned for a young, vigorous leader they could be proud of -someone who would restore law and order and show who was the boss.

Democracy was almost a secondary concern. In the period of the time, take a last decade or so, over 500Billions dollars has been siphoned out of Russia into offshore companies and foreign banks. Ordinary Russians, who weren't used to a sober leader who worked out everyday and drank Diet Coke, much less one who gets a heady praise from other World Leaders, have mostly applauded Vladmir Putin. 

Nevertheless, with his swift and unexpected moves, Putin has been keeping friend and foe alike guessing as to what his real motives are. Coach Rakhlin though conveys a confide. Putin finds that the hardest part of his job was meeting so many ''simple'' people outside Moscow. These simple folks complained and cried because they live so badly and miserably. They can't believe that its President Vladmir Putin in person! 

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