Headline July 28th, 2012 / 'We Are All Here, Because We All Care!'

''We Are All Here, Because We All Care!'' 

He strides down the sidewalk in the footsteps of Rick Santorum and Tom Delay, come to join his famous liberal name and civil-rights legacy to the most fervent group of fundamentalists in America?! ''Pray with us, Reverend Jackson!'' the protesters shout.

Their leaders include Randall Terry, the 'Operation Rescue cofounder' who went to prison for arranging to have a human fetus shoved in Bill Clinton's face. But Jackson stops, stretches out his hands and begins to lead a prayer in the indecipherable of murmur he saves for the most intimate moments.

But Jackson just won't let at Terri Schiavo deathwatch. The next day, he flies to Tallahasee for a meeting with Jeb Bush. ''I appreciate Reverend Jackson's compassionate interest in this case,'' Bush says. He praises his 'stature and commitment to the rights of all.' 

Jackson returns the favor. If Bush ''could Wave a magic wand, he'd put in a feeding tube and give her water, - but he can't''
''Sometimes people ask me how I got so close to Dr King at such a young age. It was twenty four hours a day job with No insurance. You had to be willing to go to jail and risk getting shot or killed. There wasn't No Long Line!!'' 

And the crowd starts singing about survival and he keeps preaching: "We will help you get a job!
Extend the Voting Rights Act! Sign the petition! Buy a house!''

Just days later Jackson appears on a panel with reps from Asian, Latino, and American-Indian groups, and gives a rousing speech that links slavery to feminism to unionism and warns against the enemies of labor who keep playing divide and conquer with the working man. 

''To call Mexicans illegal aliens is to call them niggers! They're not aliens. They are not from Mars!'' The audience loves him and he never crosses the line that separate Militant like Louis Farrakhan from 'responsible' black leaders. They don't flinch when he compares the black role in the Democratic Party to sharecropping! 

In the end, Jackson's dilemma is like a curse in a fairy tale: since he chose to base his power on fame, he's perpetually compelled to chase fame. 

At the inauguration ceremony of President Obama tears flowed down the face of this Great Icon! Wondering it seemed, if the right title of the book should have been ''The spiritual audacity of hope!''

He is weary, but if he has a choice, of slipping back out, or going towards the people.....?
He goes towards the people! Everytime! Everytime! 

With many thanks to !WOW! And you great heroes will soon have another page on your screens ''For Special International Students''. The Editor-in- Chief will oversee the honour! The Samurai and Saima will delight the content! Let's get shining! 

Good night & God bless!

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