Headline July 27th, 2012 / Suffering breeds character!


You can't have a glass jaw and you can't be one-round fighter and you can't go forward looking backward and you can't stop pitching cause somebody got a hit. All men have sinned before God. We have errant ways. We seek forgiveness and redemption and we move on. 

It is a moment of great passion and real church magic, a reminder that Jackson was fusing religion and politics long before the rise of Randall Terry and Tom Delay and the rest of the Christian Right. And he's part of it, completely alive, riding their energy, breaking through the daily crust, preaching to himself as much as to anyone, and watching him, there is no doubt that this is what keeps him going and going through the long slogging day.

''Hold on and hold out!'' he cries. 

''Because joy is coming in the morning! The morning comes, because nothing is too hard for God! The ground is no place for champion, so rise and rise! Keep hope alive!'' This spirituality just so covers his rapport with Castro to bring Americans home. 

It also covers his relationship with Charles Taylor, the brutal dictator of Liberia. ''The U.S. government to chose to recognize Charles Taylor. Under Bush. And when the UN troops were captured in Sierra Leone, I had to negotiate with him to help get them out. So when the right wing wants to make me out a sympathise it's like saying that when Kissenger met the North Vietnamese, he was a sympathiser. That's crazy.'' 

All this is just a buildup to his big Saturday sermon at PUSH Headquarters. As he settles down into his sermon he turns it into a talk-show. Jackson calls up three black Law Professors and a black judge.

''And why do black Law Students go for the big salaries instead of trying to save the people?''

'They are more like the rest of the students now,' says one Law Professor. ''They want money. In a way that's a victory.'' Jackson slaps him down. ''So why is Cook County jail 90/cent black? Does that sound right?''

'No it doesn't sound right!''

''Question is, what to do about it? It's going to take leadership from people like you. When you get out of prison, there are fifty-five jobs you can't get! You can't even be a hairdresser!''

A voice cries out: ''thank you! That's right! That's right!!''

Good night and God bless !


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