headline July 20th, 2012 / Most Major Corporations Are Veritable 'Toady' Halls!



Let me recap in a fleet! So, remember, that an important subsection to the law of Toady Inevitability is the Rule of Toady Didtrbution. Since Toadies are attracted to power, the greater the number of managers, the greater the number of Toadies. For this reason major Corporations are major Toady Halls! While smaller organizations may scrape by on only one or two bonafide bootlickers.

 Here then is my statistical inference. Toady distribution remains steady at a maximum density of one per power center. Toadies do not gather in prides --or rather in utter misery and shame of sub life, because they are highly territorial and tend not to like one another -though sometimes a highly placed Toady will have his own Toady to do the licking. This antipathy has nothing to do with the kind of distaste the honourable prople may feel, but simply with the fact that the only natural enemy of Toady is 'another Toady'' who might get a break and end up getting even closer to the Top Honcho! Hahaha! 

The good and great news is that once you have identified the Toady in your office or area of function, you've probably found the only one around. The last few decades have proved to be a boom decades for Toadies! Recall the formation of a global village in the offing. And ''when blind and dirty ambition and monetary gain are the priorities even the sole purpose of living'' 

People of integrity fail, as they are less apt to condemn any tactic for making it, and both sadly, tragically, and disgustingly, Toadying may even take on a certain legitimacy. '' Hey, hey, did you hear Sharkey telling the boss, what a master lateral thinker he is??'' 

So a sure sign of the vigour of High Toadyism is the lovable portrayal of Victor Ehrlich, the character played by Ed Begley Jr on NBC's St. Elsewhere. Don't miss viewing it! A desperately seeking sawbones! Ehriich does everything but lick the sweat off the chief surgeon's brow, but somehow we all end up thinking he's just a sweet guy with a perfectly understanding case of galloping ambition. Poor poor Polonius. If only he had been doing his self serving nefarious work in our time, he'd have ended up with a corner office and seven figures instead of a rapier through the gullet!! Hahaha!

Great work !WOW! And a reminder to read and save all the posts and not to miss the last one on this subject. And before I bid you adieu for the night, I thank you and the thousands of you, who wrote and stood up on the anvil of History! The process of handing over the -Torch- and Sam has already begun. The World must stop and ponder the future and the true collective genius of all of you: The Heroes!

Good night and God bless!

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