Headline July 19h, 2012 / The Rule Of Toady Distribution!

"The Rule Of Toady Distribution!"

It is important to stop here, think and understand that couple of other specimens, who may exhibit Toady like characteristics, ''but are not Toadies!'' And never will be! The first is the complete loyalist, often known as the organisation man.

For example 'The Samurai'. The loyalist believe unswervingly in their mission and in their organisation, and it matters not to them who wields authority, who gets the recognition. They labour selflessly and in total anonymity, to serve a higher cause: A better world for all!! 

If at times they appear ready to do anything for their dreams or protect the boss, it is only this that boss represents the overriding interest of the organisation. American Oliver North was a complete loyalist. So remember that a true Toady feels no loyalty to person or company; his sole concern is his ownself, and if the boss gets canned or the company goes down the tube, the Toady wastes no time shedding tears! 

In these recession laden and miserable times, if you see a Toady calling around for job interviews, it maybe a great time to bring your resume up to date. Why are Toadies allowed to flourish?? Toadies thrive because people in power like to have them around. 

Historians are fond of noting that the Romans pressed slaves into service to remind victorious generals that they too were mortal. No one has ever come with an instance, however, when one of those slaves ended up with a nice job in the administration. What boss really wants to be told he's no different from everybody else and that he's very capable of being wrong? Hahaha! 

With the beginning of each new administration in Washington, or all over the world, well meaning Presidents invariably bring in someone whose purpose, they announce, is to level with them, to tell them when they are getting puffed up or losing sight of their high purpose. Just as invariably, that designated wet blanket ends up farther and farther down the hall from the Oval Office, until he's forgotten altogether. Not True, for the other part of the world!! Believe that!!

Or I will give you hundreds of examples. But to be fair, I repeat, to be fair, only a Saint could feel much affection for someone who comes into the office everyday to say to chief, ''You screwed up again!'' Or.....And though anybody with any brain at all is going to be suspicious of the character who minces in with a daily serving of ''Sir, I once again marvel at the elegance of your thinking!'' 

It is hard not to be warmed by such sentiments. Since early childhood we are all conditioned to like hearing nice things about ourselves, and Toadies mostly supply what most of us go on demanding! Haha! 

Thank you all and catch ya on and on!

Good Night and God Bless!

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