Awesome therapy makes us nicer

A jaw-dropping moment really can make time appear to stand still - or at least slow down, new research suggests.

Regular ``awesome'' experiences may also improve our mental health and make us nicer people, claim psychologists.

The findings raise the prospect of ``awe therapy'' to overcome the stressful effects of fast-paced modern life.

Awe is the emotion felt when encountering something so vast and overwhelming i t alters one's mental perspective.

Examples might include experiencing a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon, taking in the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights, or becoming lost in a dazzling display of stars on a clear, dark night.

The new research found that by fixing the mind to the present moment, awe seems to slow down perceived time.

Studies on groups of volunteers showed that experiencing awe made people feel they had more time to spare.

This in turn led them to be more patient, less mat erialistic, and more willing to give up time to help others.

The research is published in journal Psychological Science.


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