World’s most expensive skincare cream

Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido Co. will release the world's most expensive skincare cream costing 1,050,000 yen (approx. $13,260) for the single 50 gram (1.76 ounces) jar. This is roughly $265 per gram, more expensive than the price of gold, which is currently valued at $52 per gram. 

"La Creme" will be released on 21st September when Shiseido Co. will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its beauty product line “Cle de Peau Beaute”. 

The company says only three jars of the most luxurious skincare cream will be sold and if more than three orders are received, they will hold a raffle drawing to pick the lucky purchasers.

Each jar is hand-made and contains 30 layers of crystals and three platinum rungs. It is being jointly produced by Japan’s largest cosmetics company and world-recognized French glass-maker Crystal Saint-Louis.


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