Tiangong-1 astronauts getting used to lives in outer space

Moving on for another look at China's space men and woman. Astronauts on-board the Tiangong-1 space module are getting used to their lives in outer space. And meanwhile preparations are underway for the coming manual docking.
Life in outer space...
The 3 astronauts aboard the Tiangong-1 are continuing their work.
Their jobs include maintaining the aircraft, routine medical examinations and experiments, but that doesn't mean they have no space for a little fun here and there. They seem to be in good spirits.
Ground controller Xiao Li said, "The astronauts spend most of their time exercising and working on medical experiments. According to data from the ground monitoring system, all appears well. The physical and mental condition of the astronauts is pretty good."
This is Liu Yang's first night shift, but even night and day in orbit are different from here on the ground. The craft whips around the earth every 90 minutes - meaning day and night themselves last around 45 minutes each.
All the while controllers on the ground keep a close eye on the astonauts' every move and stand ready to provide support.
China's marine observation and control ship, the "Yuanwang Hao" has moved on to its next location to monitor the coming manual rendezvous and docking. That comes this Sunday.    (http://english.cntv.cn)


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