Student Zombie March

NEW YORK:  Students, costumed zombies, marched through lower Manhattan to protest rising tuition costs and Congress' plan to double interest rates on student loans on July 1.

Relentless tuition hikes, even at public institutions, have contributed to an astonishing student debt burden of more than $1 trillion. Inspired by student movements over the last month in Canada, Mexico, Chile, and across the world, education activists in cities around the U.S. have been organizing rallies and marches to raise awareness about the education crisis in the country. All in the Red, a New York-based activist collective, declared the Friday, June 22 to be the “Night of the Living Debt.”

The students struggled to end the ties that bind education to a decadent financial system. They called nationwide conversation about how we can transcend an obsolete system that enriches a few by mortgaging the futures of the many.


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