Romney Hopes To Have Immigration Reform Done By Time He Takes Office

Mitt Romney was asked during his interview with Fox News on Monday to address once again President Barack Obama's decision to stop deporting undocumented youth who have graduated from high school or served in the military. And for the second time in as many days, he stayed vague on whether or not he would rescind the order upon taking office.

“You know, we will see kind of what the calendar looks like at that point and I am not going to tell which items will come first, second, or third," Romney said, according to transcripts released by Fox News. "What I can tell you is that those people who come here by virtue of their parents bringing them here, who came in illegally, that’s something I don’t want to football with as a political matter."

As was the case with Romney's CBS "Face the Nation" interview on Sunday, this was a largely evasive answer.


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