Rodin’s loving bust resurfaces

A bronze bust of Auguste Rodin worth $ 1 million – the brainchild of his muse and lover Camille Claudel - has been found in an antique shop in France after it was stolen more than a decade ago.
The 8 kg bust of Rodin was tracked down in Montbrisson, 60 km east of Lyon, during a police investigation into a series of robberies in the region.
An antiques dealer was reportedly spotted loading his van with a suspicious object and was arrested.
It turned out to be the missing Rodin bust, stolen from the Gueret Museum in central France in 1999.
Rodin and Claudel, who was twenty-four years younger than the sculptor, inspired each other for fifteen years. It resulted in a variety of sculptures the pair made of each over. Their stormy relationship, which ended with Claudel suffering a nervous breakdown, is often listed among the most passionate love affairs in art history.


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