Onavo Count to track Android data usage

Onavo Count will make sure that you're not overpaying for data on your Android.

As more wireless carriers switch to tiered, capped, and throttled data plans, it's becoming more important to be aware of your data consumption. By knowing just how much data you need when mobile it becomes easier to select a plan that fits your needs. After all, the prices of unlimited data plans have gone up, and even the medium tier plans can cost a pretty penny. So how can you find out which apps are eating all your data and ultimately pick the right plan?

Onavo, mostly known for its work in data compression on iOS, offers an app that will help answer your data questions. Unlike a lot of the carrier-loaded apps for monitoring data, this app features a clean and easy-to-use UI along with alert features for when you approach your data limits. You can also see how much data each app is using.


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