Newsweek Ranks Albright in Top 25 Most Artistic Schools

Newsweek’s College Rankings 2011 rated Albright in the top 25 colleges in the country for artistic students. “Most artistic” colleges were selected from colleges across the country “based on how imaginative their student body is, as well as how much the college fosters a creative atmosphere. We considered two metrics that quantify both: the percentage of students majoring in visual or performing arts and the number of official campus clubs devoted to artistic pursuits. We only looked at four-year schools that admit less than 50 percent of applicants, to screen for the most selective of the creative colleges,” Newsweek noted.

The Newsweek college rankings note that choosing a college isn’t a “one-size-fits-all decision” and list top colleges and universities in categories such as artistic, activists and brainiacs, among others.

Founded in 1856, Albright College is a nationally ranked, private college with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum with an interdisciplinary focus. The College’s hallmarks are connecting fields of learning, collaborative teaching and learning, and a flexible curriculum that allows students to create an individualized education. More than half of students have dual/individualized majors in as many as 200 different combinations annually. Albright enrolls about 1,660 undergraduates in traditional programs, another 800 adult students in accelerated degree programs, and 100 students in the master’s program in education. Albright College is located in Reading, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles west of Philadelphia.

University Press Release here.


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