News Corp confirms it is considering split

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has confirmed that it is considering splitting itself in two.
The media giant said it was exploring forming "two distinct publicly traded companies", sending its shares up 6.3%.
While News Corp gave no details, reports say it will split its broadcasting and publishing businesses.
Analysts say this would protect its more profitable TV operations from its UK newspaper business, which is embroiled in a phone hacking scandal.
If any future split of News Corp is along such lines, it would put the 39% stake that News Corp owns in UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB into a separate company from its British newspapers.

Media consultant Theresa Wise said preventing a "reputational bleed" from the newspapers involved in the hacking scandal to the other parts of the business was not the only reason the split would make sense.
"The media side of the business is a much faster growth business... the publishing side of the business, the books and the newspapers, are very slow or no-growth businesses," she told BBC News.
"The whole company of News Corp is less highly valued because investors can't split out the slow growth from the faster growth."
Fellow media analyst, Steve Hewlett, agreed that these two separate factors were both behind the possibility of a split.
He said: "The frustration [of investors] is that Rupert Murdoch has maintained his enthusiasm for newspapers despite abundant evidence that they are in decline, they are not a growth business any longer, and in investment terms that is not where you want to be.


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