New Dell Laptop battery would last more than 30 hours

Though Dell says it's making tracks away from the consumer PC market, it's not out yet. One of the company's newly announced Latitude laptops offers an impressive feature that will make anyone look twice.

The device is the Latitude E6430, and it boasts a staggering battery life of 32.7 hours.

Of course, an extra battery pack is required, but 32.7 hours is still more than four times longer than the MacBook Pro can withhold on a single charge.

Dell achieved the feat by using nine-cell battery along with a secondary battery, or battery slice. However, the battery itself was not the only factor in its extended lifespan. The Latitude E6430 is built around Intel's power-efficient Ivy Bridge processor; Intel told PCWorld that these next-gen chips are "faster on applications and graphics than predecessors" and can "save power through features like the ability to shut down idle cores." The 14-inch laptop also packs a solid state drive, as opposed to a typically more power-hungry spinning hard drive.

Along with the 32.7-hour battery life, the Latitude laptop can also recover 80 percent of its charge within an hour of plugging in.

The price of the business-oriented laptop has yet to be released.


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