Nevada high school students receive 'graduataion' diplomas due to typo

IT WAS a case of spot the mistake for students at one Nevada high school in the US when they received diplomas for their "graduataion" rather than their "graduation".

Spring Creek High School Principal Keith Walz told the Elko Daily Free Press that the misspelling was an "inadvertent mistake" printed on 203 diplomas.

Walz laid the blame firmly on Jostens, the Salt Lake City company the documents were ordered from.

"On our end, we check the kid's names and the names of school personnel," he told the newspaper.

Jostens spokesman Bryan Durfey admitted the firm was responsible and said it has already sent out corrected diplomas to the students.

"It was a Jostens mistake, period," Durfey said. "Our policy regarding errors is we fix it immediately."

The school will not be charged for the reprinting, he added.

It follows a similar incident in Maryland when all 23 high schools in Prince George's County were forced to reprint nearly 8000 diplomas after discovering the word "program" had been written as "progam"


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