More Chinese students study in US

The number of Chinese students studying in the US has been rising by an average of 25% over the last three academic years.
The national college entrance exam used to be the only way for Chinese students to go to college, but not anymore as more and more are opting to study abroad especially in recent years. Countries like the United States are proving to be one of the popular destinations.

Mao Saifeng chose to study at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies simply because it ranked so highly in academic performance.

Mao Saifeng said, "So I looked at Foreign Policy and I looked at the rank and I applied to the top five. That’s it."

But he’s skeptical of things like glossy magazine adverts, trying to attract students from China.

Mao Saifeng said, "I would not look at these kinds of magazines. To me, if the university tries to promote itself, probably does not have other credibility."

Mao and his fellow graduate Yijing Zhong have specialized in energy, aiming to help China meet its future needs.

Yijing Zhong said, "Its younger generation is becoming more mature, more daring more international. That’s helping China to reach its peaceful rise, you know."

At President Clinton’s former place of learning, Georgetown University, Norean Sharpe at the McDonough School of Business says Chinese students benefit from a global outlook.

Norean Sharpe said, "The corporations, you know, they’re all multi-national now. How the global economies across boundaries, how they interact." (http://english.cntv.cn)


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