Microsoft Seeks Reentry With Windows 8 Surface

Microsoft has followed the suit of Apple by keeping its potential next-release a secret from all. The Redmond company manufactured its Surface tablet without letting its partners getting a clue of it until it cropped up before the world few days back.
Windows 8 based Surface can compete not only the iPad but also the Android laden market of tablet computers.
Lavish Design
Something that is going to give tough time to iPad must have premium quality built and must feel comfortable in hand. Windows maker has risen to that point in designing and manufacturing its new slat to that level. It looks dashing in first looks and it tempts you to get one for yourself with its colorful range of keyboards.
The Popularity Of OS
Albeit, Windows based tablets have not gained much popularity due to its limitation of operations and less number of applications available for the end user. But it might change soon with Windows 8 as it has been developed by Microsoft by keeping in mind the requirements of people. The adoption level of this newly born operating system for mobile devices is gradually gaining its pace and its success is rumored in a time to come.
Approach In The Market
Unlike the iOS which Apple keeps to itself, Microsoft plans to distribute its OS to other OEMs just like Google does with its Android and due to it the chances of its adoption and success are higher in future and it will give consumers another tasty choice in the market.
Given these three factors Microsoft can harvest its hopes that its new product will bring the company back to the surface where currently the market is driven by the likes of Android running tablets and iPads. 


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