Jiaolong resurfaces after second dive

China's deep-sea manned submersible Jiaolong has reached a depth of 6,965 meters below sea level during its second dive into the Mariana Trench. The feat has surpassed a fresh national record set earlier on Tuesday.
China’s deep-sea manned submersible Jiaolong and its three crew members have risen from almost 7,000 meters below sea level in the Mariana Trench after setting the country’s newest dive record.

The previous dive in the day reached a depth of 6,908 meters, where the crew collected water samples and placed markers.
The dive had been expected to re-check the hydraulic system and test various functions and the safety of the submersible at great depths. The Jiaolong will attempt four more dives, to reach its ultimate goal of 7,000 meters below sea level between mid-June and early July.  (http://english.cntv.cn)


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